Kodi Add-On Developer Arrested On Same Day as Popular Repo Goes Down

Police in the UK say they have arrested a man in the north of England for developing and maintaining a Kodi add-on offering illegal streams. On the same day that the arrest took place, the popular Supremacy add-on went down in mysterious circumstances. Official sources have not linked the two events but there are some coincidences.

File-Sharing Giant Openload Has its Domain Suspended


Openload, one of the largest file-hosting sites on the Internet, has lost control over its main domain name. The Openload.co domain is been suspended, presumably by the registrar Tucows, and is currently marked with a serverHold status code. On top of that, Openload's official status page is unreachable as well.

Pirate IPTV Network Shut Down After Police Raid Cable Operators

Cybercrime police from Bulgaria's Ministry of the Interior supported by officers from Europol have carried out an operation against five local cable operators accused of illegally intercepting broadcasts. The signals were being captured for distribution worldwide via IPTV applications. A large volume of equipment has been seized.

VidAngel Must Pay $62.4 Million for Ripping and ‘Pirating’ Movies

Video streaming service VidAngel, which allows users to filter objectionable content from movies and TV-shows, has to pay $62.4 million to Disney and Warner Bros. The company is liable for copyright infringement after it streamed movies without permission of the rightsholders. In addition, it violated the DMCA's anti-circumvention provision, by ripping DVDs.

Cheat Maker Shuts Down After Being Sued by Pokémon Go Creator

Cheat creator Global++ has shut down its operations after being sued in the United States. Pokémon Go creator Niantic accused the group of infringing its intellectual property rights and spoiling the gaming experience for legitimate players. Global++ websites and social media accounts are now offline.